I bought my Abra Ca Dabra as part of a purchase for this game and a completely restored Buccaneer from Rod Wideman in March of 2007.  The Abra Ca Dabra has not been shopped at all, but the Buccaneer was completely finished.  The price was too good to pass up since the Buccaneer is a great game and an Abra Ca Dabra in excellent condition is a real keepsake.  Rod does excellent restoration work and hopefully I too can bring the Abra Ca Dabra up to snuff so that it too looks and plays like original.  Once I get to this game, I'll add restoration pictures to show the process I use to restore games.  I doubt the work will be as good as Rod's since he is truly meticulous, but I'll try.

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Abra Ca Dabra Flyer  



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