Williams Alpine Club Pinball

I bought this game from Jim Swenson on April 3th of 2011 and it's in good condition for a game of this age. It's a Williams single player EM game with a snow skiing theme made in February of 1965. The game features the same kind of odd cabinet design as Full House which was made the same year by Williams, and there were 1,200 games produced (not that many).

It features 4 flippers, 4 pop bumpers, 3 passive bumpers, 2 slingshots, 2 kick-out holes, 1 standup target, and a right outlane ball return gate. Lots of things going on for this game. It also features a backglass marguee and backglass light animation which shows a climber ascending a mountain. When the climber is almost at the top of the mountain a flag at the summit flashes. When the climber reaches the summit the player is rewarded with a replay and the animation resets. Note that this is a carry-over feature from game to game. It uses a bell instead of chimes for sound effects.

The game was designed by Steve Kordek with artwork by Art Stenholm. There is an add-a-ball version known as "Ski Club." An interesting note is that the backglass shows the mountain climber is silkscreened fourteen times but only 10 lamps were used in the stepping mechanism to light the climber. You will also find that near the upper flippers are holes where a lamp should be, however there are no lamp sockets wired to these holes. A very interesting game.

I'll add more pictures when I get the game set up for restoration.

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