This page includes info regarding my 1946 Exhibit Supply woodrail Big Hit EM game. This is a flipperless game which means it doesn't have any flippers. It wasn't uncommon for these games to be used as a kind of "gambling" game where a player would attempt to reach a score where they could get a nickel for beating a score. It's the only flipperless game I own right now, and it is actually kind of fun to play since you have to be good at nudging the game if you want to score the maximum number of points before your ball drains. The backglass on the game looks pretty nice for such an old game and when you consider the game was made in February of 1946, it even includes a card stapled in the backbox that indicates "due to acute wire shortages it has been necessary to substitute colors in some instances." This is due to WWII that ended only 6 months earlier, so it isn't hard to imagine there was a wire shortage for Pinball games.

The backglass has minor issues with some paint that has flaked off, but not that much for such an old game. No one knows who designed the game or who did the artwork, and there's no idea how many games were manufactured. It's a single player game with 13 scoring bumpers and 1 kick-out hole. I bought the game from fellow pinhead Tim who got the game in working order. It has one bumper cap that was replaced, but other than that, the coin door had to be created (since it was missing), and a wooden moulding was added where the lock bar would be. I have the original lockbar but we're unsure how the lockbar would've been mounted to the game since there is probably a piece of wood that is missing. Don't know since it's a pretty rare game to encounter.

I'll add more pictures when I get around to it.

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