This page includes info regarding my 1973 Gottlieb Big Shot two player EM Wedgehead Pinball game. I bought this game from Kim Mitchell and based on what the people told him that he bought it from, it's a home use only game. It appears to be a HUO game as well since it is super clean with little wear to be found.

There were 2,900 of these games made and it was released in August of 1973. Ed Krynski was the designer and it has beautiful artwork designed by Gordon Morison. Gottlieb made a single player add-a-ball version named Pro Pool which was named Play Pool for the Italian market, and they made a four player version of the game in 1973 named Hot Shot. It has the usual two flippers, one pop bumper, two 7-bank drop targets, and a kick-out hole.

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Big Shot Flyer





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