I bought my Bobby Orr Power Play from Kim Mitchell for 400 bucks. I added new posts, drop targets, rebuilt flippers, repaired the power supply, tumbled all the parts, had to do a bunch of touchups, and clear-coated the playfield in 2010.

Bobby Orr Power Play was created by Bally and there were 13,750 games released in January of 1978. The game has two 3 inch flippers, two 2 inch flippers, 3 pop bumpers, two 4-bank drop targets, one kick-out hole, 10 star rollovers, and an up-post between the lower flippers. This is a solid state electronic game. The game was designed by Greg Kmiec with artwork by Dave Christensen. This was the first game to feature Dave Christensen's artwork (a very famous Pinball artist), and the first solid-state game to feature an up-post between the flippers.

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Bobby Orr Power Play Flyer 1

Bobby Orr Power Play Flyer 2

Bobby Orr Power Play Flyer 3  



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