I bought my Gottlieb Buccaneer along with an Abra Ca Dabra from Rod Wideman in March of 2007.  Rod is notorious for doing top-of-the-line restoration work on all of his games so I knew that the Buccaneer would need nothing.  He removes every single piece found in a game, cleans it, adjusts it, and then reassembles the game to a pristine shape.  When looking in the back box of the game, I discovered it was so clean it was hard to imagine the game ever looked as good, even when new.  The inside of the game box is equally as clean.

There is some wear on the playfield that has been left original but it isn't that bad for an old game.  Rod likes to restore single player games because of all the scorewheels found in a four player game (way too much work to clean the extra 15 scorewheels in anyone's opinion).  Eventually I'll get around to posting some pictures of the excellent work Rod did once I get the game set up.  For right now, I have a bunch of games that need to be restored.  Hopefully, I can approach Rod's level of workmanship. I sold this game in 2014 to fellow pinhead Tim Riehl's friend.

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Buccaneer Flyer  



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