I got this game for free from Mike Henigar in 1999 since it wasn't being played anymore at his house and would shock the player when touching the lockbar (this was caused by the center prong on the power cord being clipped off). A humorous thing about the game is the backglass where it shows the Dad with a cigar in his mouth holding a baby. Don't know how wise this would be. There are some odd-ball parts on the game that can't be purchased anymore so some kludges were needed for the flipper bushings and drop targets which are an odd length.

Old Coney Island was released in December of 1979 by Game Plan. There were 3,000 units produced and the game features 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, one 7-bank drop targets, one rollunder spinner, and a kick-out hole. The game was designed by Ed Cebula and Roger Sharpe with artwork by Dick White.

I ended up just giving the game to fellow pinhead Basil since I wasn't in the mood to complete the game. I had touched up the playfield and clear-coated it, but I thought I'd give it to Basil since he would fix it up.

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Coney Island Flyer  



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