The pictures found below are from Cousin Mikey and Steve's trip to England in late November of 2003.  We visited York, Warwick, Glastonbury, Lacock, Castle Combe, Bath, and London during a one week vacation.  It was rainy and cold, but we were able to get a few pictures when the weather was good (on and off, mostly off).  You can read more about what went on while in England here.

These pictures have been "optimized" for download speeds but if you are interested in the original larger pictures, just let me know.

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Medieval spoon collecton
in British Museum.


Mikey outside the
Tower of London.


Tower of London
1500s model.




See Mikey, you aren't
that tall.


Well at least I'm
taller than Mikey.


Mike outside
Westminster Abbey.


Mike and Big Ben
Clock Tower.


Another view of the
Big Ben Clock Tower.


York Minster


York Minster
stained glass.


What do you mean what?


Yeah, like you can
pull a train
(and don't ask me what
happened next)


Trying to "lift" something
(note the demonic eyes).




The "Mallard" train
in the York
Railway Museum.


Pub cousins.


Not quite buzzed
but in a "special place."


Mikey forced me to drink
this beer.




Warwick Cathedral


Warwick Castle


Warwick Castle view
from the wall.



Approaching Warwick Castle.



Yet another view of
Warwick Castle.


Mike and Steve
at Avebury (brrrrr).


Glastonbury Abbey ruins.


Glastonbury wall innards.


Glastonbury late day view.


Mike at Lacock.


I'm not real sure what
Mikey was doing here
but let's just say that
it looks "suspect."


Castle Combe street.



Castle Combe river view.


Castle Combe cemetery.


Bath falls.


Roman Baths.




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