These are just some of the many pictures we took while in London during June of 1999.   These pictures were taken with a regular 35mm camera rather than a digital camera. You can read more about our trip to England here.

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Black Prince
Roman Baths in
Bath, England


The Black Prince's grave
at Canterbury.


Canterbury Stained Glass
Canterbury Dates
Canterbury Cathedral
stained glass.


Canterbury Cathedral
important dates.



More Canterbury statues.


British Museum Book
Egyptian Art In British Museum
British Museum
book cover.


Egyptian art in
British Museum.


Tower Of London
Tower Of London Map
Tower of London flyer.


Map of
Tower of London.


Crown Jewels
Picture of the
Crown Jewels at the
Tower of London.


Royalist Hotel Flyer
Royalist Hotel Certificate
The Royalist Hotel
(oldest inn).


Certificate showing
that we stayed at
the Royalist Hotel.


Royalist Hotel Post Card
Royalist Hotel postcard.


Stonehenge UFO View
(UFO view)


Another view of


Steve & Kids Stonehenge
Sunny Stonehenge
Koky and Dad
at Stonehenge.


Late day shot of


Chris & Kids Big Ben
Steve & Kids Big Ben
Chris & kids with
Big Ben.



Steve & kids with
Big Ben. Note that
Big Ben is the bell,
not the clock.


Steve & Koko Resting
Dad & Koky resting
outside Westminster Abbey.


Warwick Castle
Red Knight
Warwick Castle.



Red Knight at
Warwick Castle.


Warwick Armour
Warwick Moat
Warwick armor.


Warwick Castle moat.


Leeds Castle
Leeds Castle.


St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul's Hallway
St. Paul's Cathedral.


St. Paul's Cathedral






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