The pictures found below are from our trip to England and Scotland in June of 2002.  We drove from London to stay with our friends at Fersham Lodge in York, then on to Haltwhistle where we stayed a couple of days, on to Carlisle for a few hours, and then drove to Oban, Scotland where we began our Scotland trip.  Click here to see our Scotland pictures.  After leaving Edinburgh, we drove south and spent a couple of nights in Durham, then left for York stopping at Alnwick Castle along the way.  After spending a few nights in York, we drove back to London where we spent a couple of days seeing local London sights and even a day trip to Stonehenge and Avebury (the day after the Summer Solstice).  This page includes a few of the many pictures we took in the various locations throughout England as we drove to and from Scotland.

If you haven't read about our trip to England you can learn more about our trip here.

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York Minster - I think that along
with Westminster Abbey, this is
one of the finest Minsters in England.


York Minster arches.



York Minster choir area?



York city view from the top of
York Minster (you have to climb
all the way up to get this view).


Steff, Steve, Derek, Chris


Steff, Chris, and Derek at the
top of the York Minster.


The Merchant Adventurer's Hall
in York.


Wooden roof trusses of
The Adventurer's Hall.


The Adventurer's Hall
flood line info.


The Adventurer's Hall's
wooden floors.


Derek sitting in an old chair
in The Adventurer's Hall.




Haltwhistle B&B eating area
(Ashcroft House).


Haltwhistle B&B bedroom. This was
one of the nicest B&Bs we have
stayed in, anywhere!


Steff, Steve, Derek
at Vindolanda.


Steff, Derek, and Chris
at Vindolanda.


Vindolanda Roman dig site.


Vindolanda dig efforts
along Hadrian's Wall.


Vindolanda Roman ruins.


More Vindolanda Roman ruins.


Carlisle Castle entrance.


Yep, that's a large chimney
at Carlisle Castle.


Signs showing border of
England and Scotland.


Durham Cathedral


Durham Cathedral


Beautiful Durham Cathedral
stained glass. Absolutely beautiful.


Just some of the leaders listed
 at Durham Cathedral (a long list).


Alnwick Castle entrance.


Alnwick Castle - where they
filmed part of the Harry Potter movies.


Alnwick Castle grounds.


Yorkshire steam train. This is the
same train they used in
the Harry Potter film.


Steff and Derek cutting up on
the Penny Whistle steam train.


One of the stops for the
steam train that is used
by locals as well as tourists.


Another stop for the
steam train.


Guess where?


Another view of Stonehenge.


Stonehenge showing roped off
area for viewing.


Long view of Stonehenge.


Close view of Stonehenge.


Chalice Well Info


Walking down the hill towards
the Chalice Well in Glastonbury.


Getting some Chalice Well water.


Some of the Abbots
of Glastonbury.


Glastonbury arches at this
beautiful ruins site.


Glastonbury view from inside.


Glastonbury perspective view.
Note the scale of this building.


Glastonbury from outside.


King Arthur's grave.


Avebury post Summer Solstice
nut-jobs (day after).


Holding up a rock at Avebury.
Steff doesn't look like she's
all that interested.





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