We took the pictures below in England during our June 2003 trip to the U.K. and Ireland.  If you haven't read our trip details yet, you can view the story of our England trip here. We also visited Scotland on this trip and you can view the pictures here.

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Big Ben Clock Tower


London Bridge


British Airways
"London Eye"


Tower of London


Waterfalls near
Pulteney Bridge in Bath.


Avon River in Bath.


Building cleaning effort
in Bath (note the dirty area).


Bizarre Bath entertainer.


Derek, Steve, and Steff
in front of Bath church door.


Bath working museum.


Roman Baths view from top.


Note the Roman Baths
original water level.


Pulteney Bridge in Bath.


Entrance to the Roman Baths.


Castle Combe street.


Castle Combe church.


Kenilworth Castle ruins.


Inside Kenilworth Castle
(one of my favorite pictures).


Exterior view of
Kenilworth Castle.


Another view of
Kenilworth Castle.


Archer demonstration at
Warwick Castle.


No idea what was going
on here at Warwick.


Warwick Castle view from wall.


Wish I had one of these
at home.


Warwick Castle river view.


Warwick Castle knife collection.









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