We took the pictures below in England during our June 2005 trip to England and Wales.  These are some of the 1,000 digital photos I took while in Windsor, Bath, Winchester, Salisbury, Wells, Cheddar Gorge, Stratford Upon Avon, Stow-on-the-Wold, Kenilworth, and Blenheim Palace.  In many cases photographs are not allowed when touring cathedrals, abbeys, and castles, so that limited the pictures I could take.

If you haven't read about our trip to England this year you can view the story here.

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Beautiful plants outside
Windsor Castle.


Entrance to Windsor Castle.


Outside view of Windsor.
Imagine trying to scale those walls.


Another view of beautiful
Windsor Castle.


Windsor Courtyard.


Beautiful ceiling at Windsor.


Edward III throne.


Coat of arms painted on
ceiling in Windsor Castle.


Windsor rifle collection.


Windsor armor display.


Inside St. George's Chapel.
Whoops, no photography - better
turn the camera off.


Steffanie, Derek, and Chris
leaving our wonderful
tour of Windsor Castle.


I think Steffanie feels right
at home in the Jane Austen House.


Rare Jane Austen books.


Chris with Derek showing
"class" at the
Jane Austen Teahouse.


Glastonbury Abbey wall ruins.


Glastonbury arches.


Glastonbury ruins showing
inner wall structure.


Small remaining structure
of Glastonbury.


Cheddar Gorge tour bus
showing steep limestone hills.


Steffanie and Derek
touring the Cheddar caves.


Long view of
Salisbury Cathedral
stained glass.


Mirror showing Salisbury
Cathedral ceiling detail.


Another view of the
Salisbury Cathedral ceiling.


Tall stained glass window
in Salisbury Cathedral.


Wells Cathedral intricate
stone work.


Wells Cathedral ceiling structure.


Long view of the inside
of Wells Cathedral.


Wells Cathedral organ.


Winchester Cathedral Mortuary
Chest description. Notice the dates.


Winchester Mortuary chest
at top of stonework.


Winchester panel paintings.


Winchester Cathedral ceiling.


Winchester Cathedral statue
in crypt area. Wasn't flooded for
the first time in years.


Winchester King Arthur
round table.

Chris reading about
King Arthur's round table.
Notice how high the wall is
in this medieval Great Hall.


Great Hall painted wall
showing lineage tree.


Iron Bridge


View of Ironbridge Gorge


Blists Hill Victorian Town
steam engine.


Blists Hill Victorian fun.


Derek trying his luck
on a Victorian era game.


Berkeley Castle



Place where Edward II
was murdered while at
Berkeley Castle.


Stratford Upon Avon 15th
century home.


William Shakespeare's birthplace.


Stratford Upon Avon
15th century home.


Kenilworth Castle



Another view of Kenilworth
Castle.  Note the difference
in color due to the sunlight.


Stow-on-the-Wold tombstone.
I like the epitaph. It says
"By the grace of God
I am what I am"


Chris and kids at
Blenheim Palace


Blenheim Palace


I just don't trust that boy.



Inside Blenheim Palace. Is was
right after I took this picture
that I almost got thrown out
for taking photographs. Whoops.


Derek on a Tube ride.


Westminster Abbey


Derek, Steve, and Steff
with the Clock Tower (Big Ben)
in the background.


How about this picture
from 1999?  Looks like some
kids have grown up a little.


Chris studying Charles Dickens
info at the Charles Dickens house.


Derek at Charles Dickens house.


Charles Dickens clock.


Steffanie and Derek resting
at the Bonnington Hotel as
Steve and Chris have some suds.





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