We took the pictures below in England during our June 2006 trip to England and France.  These are some of the digital photos I took while in Lincoln, York, and London.  I would have liked more pictures in York, but Chris had a setback with some food poisoning which limited our York pictures.

We arrived in London on June 8th, 2006, and as usual, we stayed at the Bonnington Hotel due to its proximity to the Hertz car rental location about two blocks away.  Lots of fine restaurants in the area and our favorite pub - The Swan.  We began our trip by driving to Lincoln on June 9th, then on to Leeds to see the Royal Armouries Museum (thanks for the recommendation to my friend Roger), then to York (where Chris got sick), then back to London before heading to Paris and on to Amboise.  We returned from Paris to London and did our usual hop-on/hop-off bus and river cruise on the Thames before heading home to Denver the next day (June 24th).

If you haven't read the story about our trip to England this year you can read more here.

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Looking down the main street
in Lincoln, England.



Castle wall of Lincoln Castle. Lincoln Castle court room.
Notice how prisoners were separated
from each other. Unique folding doors
to keep prisoners from ever seeing or
talking to each other.


View of Lincoln Cathedral from Castle wall.


Approaching the front of the Lincoln Cathedral.


Long hall shot in Lincoln Cathedral.


Lincoln Cathedral stonework.


Just one of the many windows in
the Lincoln Cathedral.


Beautiful stonework in Lincoln Cathedral.
Some of displays in the Royal Armouries
located in Leeds, England.
Jousting at the Royal Armouries. This picture
was taken just before the knight on the right
got hammered by the jousting pole.


Uh-oh, another "ghostly" picture at
the Hole In The Wall pub in
York, England. This is the second time now.
And no, it isn't cigarette smoke.


Approaching our favorite
pub - The Swan.
This is the urinal in
The Swan just in case you
were wondering what a urinal
in London looks like.


Thames river view of
the Clock Tower
(better known as Big Ben).


A rather overcast view
of the Clock Tower.
The infamous Tower of London.
Another view of the Tower of London.


A broadside view of the
Tower of London.


The Millenium Bridge.
The London Eye.


One of our favorite free
places to visit - the British Museum.



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