Here are some pictures of my current Electro-Mechanical (EM) games. Remember to click on any image to view the larger image. You will notice that I have a flash-back on the back-glass, not much I can do about that when using a Polaroid camera.  Eventually I'll get around to getting some digital photos.

I bought this game for $150 back in mid-1993 along with ten or so other electro-mechanical games.  The game has what is known as "backglass animation" which makes it slightly more valuable.  It also has a post that will pop up at the bottom of the game when hitting the correct targets to keep from draining the pinball.  I played this game for several years but once the space issue crept in, it too found itself standing on end in the basement (a common theme around here).  One of these days I'll set it up and take some newer pictures of the game.

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