This is another game I got in a trade with my friend Bally Tim.  I traded him a nice looking Guns N' Roses for a Fathom, and the return of a Fish Tales game that was part of another trade.  I used to own the Fish Tales and ended up getting it right back after only having it gone for a few weeks.  I sold the Fish Tales rather quickly for $1200 but still have the Fathom which I don't intend to part with.  Since we made the trade, Fathom has really shot up in value so I ended up with a pretty good deal on the trade.  The game was not shopped when I got it (although it was certainly playable), but since then I have completely torn the game down and cleaned and replaced parts and also removed the mylar that left a beautiful playfield.  Tim was nervous about me removing the mylar but it turned out fine.  Loose inserts had caused lifting under the mylar and the mylar was pretty worn so I decided to remove it.  Turned out great and it's a favorite game to play.  I also bought a full set of new plastics for the game in April of 2007. 

Fathom was produced by Bally in December of 1980 and they released 3,500 units. The game features 3 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 2 slingshots, one 6-bank drop targets, one 3-bank of drop targets, two 3-in-line drop targets, two kick-out holes, one spinner target, one standup target, left and right crossover return lanes, and a 3-ball multi-ball mode. The game was designed by Ward Pemberton with art by Greg Freres.

I've included PDF copies of the manual and the schematics and they are about 6 meg in size so you may want to right click and Save the files.

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Flyer 1


Flyer 2


Fathom Manual
(PDF format - 6Meg Size)
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Fathom Schematics
(PDF format - 6Meg Size)
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Steve and Bally Tim
readying the Scared Stiff
used in trade for the Fathom
and a Mata Hari.


Original upper playfield.


Playfield removed.
Look at all those parts.


Center area of unshopped playfield.


Flipper area of
unshopped playfield.


Center target area. Note
the "replacement" target
someone used.


Close-up view of target banks.


Inside of game box after
a good cleaning.


Used canned air and
Orange Power to remove the mylar.


Loose inserts shown that
caused the mylar removal.


Mylar glue left over after
removing mylar using the
upside down canned air technique.


My version of a Fathom
fish spinner.






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