These are some of the pictures I took with my digital camera (Olympus 460) while in Florida.  Mostly some fun times at the Jupiter Island beach, Cathie and Danny pictures, and others from my immediate Florida family.

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Jupiter Island 1

Jupiter Island 2
We're only going
to stand right here.



Where did this
wet stuff come from?



Jupiter Island 3
Jupiter Island 4



Well, might as well
check it out.



Steve Kids In Surf Steve Kids Sunlight
Steve & kids at
Jupiter Island beach.




Stupid sun.




Steff Rick Tree
Steff Rick Tug-o-war
Come on...




Recurring theme.




Chris & Wilfredo
Miami Dinner
Chris & Wilfredo.



Family meal on
South Beach.



Danny Cathie Kids Palm Beach
Cathie Danny Steve Chris Steff Derek
Cathie, Danny, and
kids at Palm Beach.



Family at Palm Beach.



Nikki & Ben
Steve & MacKenzie
Niece Nikki & Ben.



Steve & Mackenzie.



Steff & Mac Kenzie MacKenzie Steff Mom
Koky & Mackenzie.



Mackenzie, Steff,
and Great-Grandma
(sorry Mom you
aren't THAT old).



Steve Chris Kids Cathie & Danny's Pool
Steve, Chris,
and kids at 
Cathie & Danny's pool.







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