This page shows pictures related to my Flash Gordon game that was part of a trade.  I traded my Tales Of The Arabian Nights for the Flash Gordon and a KISS game that were in good shape.  The Flash Gordon is a surprisingly fun game to play.  It's quite fast, has an upper and lower playfield that includes targets and pop bumpers, and has several inline targets.  The game is challenging for its time and is the first Bally split-level game (upper and lower playfields), and only the second Bally to have speech (Xenon being the first).  They made 10,000 of these games in February of 1981.  I like this game quite a lot and can see it staying in my lineup for years to come.

My game had numerous targets that were not original to the game.  It also had spinners with graphics that were shot.  You know what this means - time to make my own.  I created target decals along with the spinner art and made a sheet that can be printed that will yield 10 spinner decals (that ought to last awhile), and 48 target decals.  I created this many to fill up an 8.5 by 11 sheet of white vinyl backed with a permanent adhesive to yield the most images per sheet.  You can download the Flash Gordon Target-Spinner decal sheet HERE by right clicking on the link and do a "Save As" to save the file to your disk.  Either that or wait for a 1.8 meg file to display.  You can view the small picture as well as the larger one below.  The decal sheet I made is not for resale for any reason unless I approve.

I ended up selling this game but I've left this page on my website so others can access the spinner decal sheet as well as the drop target scans.

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Flyer 1


Flyer 2


Flyer 3


Flyer 4


Here's the reverse side of
the backglass showing that
it is silk-screened and
not a translite.


Target & Spinner
Decal Sheet 300 dpi
(file is 1.8 meg)








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