We took the pictures below while in Germany.  We left Colmar, France and drove towards the Black Forrest in Germany and eventually to the Autobahn where we drove over 100 mph a few times without fear of getting a speeding ticket. We stopped at the German Clock Museum in Furtwagen along the way so we could see a very nice collection of old and modern clocks.  The museum is located in a small town where you might not expect to see a clock museum, but we are very glad we stopped to see the clocks. 

After the clock museum we headed on to the Autobahn towards the town of Bacharach where we planned to make our home base for touring the Rhine River and local sights.  Bacharach is a beautiful old town as are many of the other towns found along side the Rhine River. 

The pictures below are from our trip to Bacharach focusing on the clock museum, a few pictures from the Rhine River ferry boat, St. Goar along the Rhine River, and a couple pictures of Burg Eltz on the Mosel River. We have hundreds more pictures, but this is enough to give you an idea of what we saw.

If you haven't read the story of our trip to Germany this year you can read it here.

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Black Forrest View on the way
to the Clock Museum.

This clock has at least
three faces if you look closely.

Pocket watch display.

Now that's a Grandfather's clock!

Putting the size of the
clocks in perspective.

Wall and mantel clock display.

Wall and mantel clock.

An assortment of wall clocks.

Clock player piano.

Artistic player piano.

Im Maler Winkel Hotel
Really enjoyed our stay here.
KD Line Rhine River Tour boat.

Pfalz Castle in the river where
boats had to pay a toll many years ago.

Vineyards on the hills.

Another view of the river bank.

A barge moving freight.

St. Goar river stop.

Looking down on St. Goar.

Rheinfels Castle above St. Goar.

River view from castle.

St. Goar town street.

Beer-swillin' kids Derek and Steff.
Yes, they're over 18, so it's legal in Germany.

Rhine River castle.

Burg Eltz looks like a fairy tale castle.

Chris and kids waiting for the van
to return to the Burg Eltz car park.

Road to the castle.





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