I bought this 4-player solid state Williams game from my friend Tim (Bally Tim on RGP) in October of 2005 and it too is a collectible game, although my game isn't in great shape, just good shape.  Fits nice with games of a similar era such as Flash and Black Knight. 

Gorgar was the first production "talking" Pinball game that said 7 words.  The speech seems primitive compared to today's games, but for the time, having any speech at all was pretty impressive.  It also has a "heart beat" sound that increases with game play. Williams produced 14,000 Gorgar games in December of 1979. The game features 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 2 slingshots, two 3-bank drop targets, one kick-out hole, one spinning target, and the "Snake Pit" has a magnet under the playfield that grabs the ball and scores the lit value before releasing it (often will drain straight down the middle). The game was designed by Barry Oursler with artwork by Constantino Mitchell and sound by Eugene Jarvis.

The 7 words that Gorgar speaks are used in phrases to represent some form of "achievment" from the time the game is turned on, until the game ends.

The 7 words are: Gorgar, speaks, me, hurt, got, you, and beat.

The Achievement conditions and the phrases formed from these 7 words are shown below:

Achievment Phrase

Game start

GORGAR speaks

Making "1-4" targets

Me hurt

Making magnet switch for 50,000

Me hurt

Making magnet switch for other values

Me got you

Spotting "GOR" and "GAR"


Winning Extra Ball

You hurt GORGAR

Making Special or Match

You beat me

High Score to Date (HSTD)

You beat GORGAR

Game Over

Me GORGAR, beat me


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