I bought my Gottlieb Guys Dolls game from Kim (Mr.68) on April 8th, 2011 for $750. I haven't owned a wood rail game before although I have repaired some. Well, not quite true, I have owned a couple of wood rail games but they ended up as part of some trades and never quite made it to my house. So I was glad to get this nice game from Kim at a fair price considering its condition. Amazing how nice this game looks when you consider it was made in 1953. By the way, the name of the game isn't a typo, it's named Guys Dolls rather than the famous musical Guys and Dolls that opened on Broadway in 1950.

It needs to have a couple of pop bumper bodies replaced as well as new bumper skirts in a couple of places, but other than that, the game is in great shape and is fun to play. Very odd setup used since it has flipper buttons, but doesn't use flippers. Instead, it uses "arrows" to bump the ball upwards back in to play. Any time a game is advertised as having "Fabulous Snappy Action" you know you'll want to play it.

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