This page includes info regarding my Williams Hot Line game that I picked up from fellow pinhead Lawrence on May 5, 2012. I played Lawrence's other Hot Line game a week ago and found the game to be quite fun and challenging. He had a second game that wasn't running but had a decent playfield, a pretty nice backglass considering how old the game is, and all the parts were there except for the broken plastic shooter mount. The broken shooter mounting part was there with the shooter rod, but needed to be replaced (of course). The only downside was the backbox that was in pieces. A friend of his had made new backbox sides out of plywood but I found that the old backbox wasn't that bad so I decided to put it back together. I'll add pictures once I begin restoration on this old guy from 1966.

Williams made the Hot Line game in September of 1966 and the game was designed by Steve Kordek and features 2 flippers (that feel like they are a mile apart), 5 pop bumpers, 1 passive bumper, 2 slingshots, 2 standup targets, an upper right ball return gate, and center playfield buttons that are used to spell the characters HOT LINE in order to light the Special. The game can be played in either 3 or 5 ball mode. The game has a sports fishing theme and the playfield rollover buttons are kind of neat when trying to complete each letter of HOT LINE. There is an add-a-ball version of the game named Big Strike that was made earlier in August of 1966. It uses a bowling theme and similarly uses the playfield rollover buttons to spell BIG STRIKE.

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Williams Hot Line Flyer Loose backbox parts




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