Welcome to the SteveChannel.com web site. This site contains many items that personally appeal to me and will reveal my many interests, my background, and photos of people, places, and things. First, you will find below some of my interests, how to navigate around my site, and a note on how to view my pictures. I hope you enjoy your visit!


  • Arcade & Pinball Games - Electro-Mechanicals and Electronic games with some Tech Tip info included.
  • Games - Card games, Dominoes, Foosball, etc.
  • Kites - Stunt kite flying is really relaxing.
  • Pool - Love to play Pool - especially 8 Ball.
  • Travel - My family loves to travel!  You may want to check my trip advice web page if you are interested in taking a trip to France, the U.K., Ireland or Germany.  You can also use the navigation bar at the top of this page to choose from one of our many trips (don't forget the photos!).

If you follow the links above (or use the menu bar at the top of this page), you will see that I have a variety of hobbies.  I have so many hobbies, that although ridiculous at times, if you knew me, you could have lots of fun just tagging along.  Thank heavens I make enough money that I can support all of my goofy hobbies (here's where my wife usually says yikes!).


Note that the top of each page has navigation links that will take you to primary topics so that you can quickly get to a topic of interest. You will also find the primary links at the bottom of my pages, but in text as opposed to graphics. If you find my site hard to navigate then send me some email so that I can research why it appears this way (doesn't mean that I'll change it, but you never know). I'm especially interested in any spelling mistakes or grammar errors (I will definitely fix them).


This site is heavily laden with pictures. You should note that most all of my pictures are shown in what is known as a "thumbnail" version that allows you to click on any picture and see the larger, full-size picture. This allows faster download times when you first view a page so that you can choose the picture that may be of interest to you without taking too long to load large pictures. Click on the "thumbnail" picture to view the larger picture and then select the "Back" button on your browser to return to the previous page.

There you have it! Hope you continue on and find your visit a rewarding experience.


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