We took the pictures below in Ireland during our June 2000 trip to the U.K. using a digital camera.  They came out pretty well and sure saved a lot of trouble with film processing and a heavier camera.
If you haven't read the story of our trip to Ireland this year you can read it here.

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Steff & Derek Waterford Beach
Blarney Castle Grounds
Steff & Derek at
Tramore Beach.


Blarney Castle Grounds


Blarney Steps
Blarney Stone
Blarney Castle Steps


Blarney Stone
(the wet looking area).


Chris Blarney Stone
Steff Blarney Stone
Chris getting ready
to kiss the
Blarney Stone.


Steffie kissing the
Blarney Stone.


Gang In Blarney Castle
Steve & Kids Blarney Castle
Family in
Blarney Castle


Steve & kids at
Blarney Castle


Dublin Iron Bridge
Steff & Derek Guinness Brewery
Dublin Iron Bridge


Derek & Steffie
Guinness Brewery.


Slea Head
Cliffhouse Post Card
Slea Head
(most western part
of Europe).


Cliffhouse B&B in
Tramore (near Waterford).

Ashlee Lodge

Ashlee Lodge B&B
in Blarney.


Mount Eagle Lodge B&B
in Dingle.


Waterford Crystal
I make the crystal look
lightweight by the way
I'm holding it, but it
is actually quite heavy.









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