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This page contains restoration pictures of a Joker Poker that I fixed during October and November of 2006.  You will find pictures of the original state of the game with some finished game pictures.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures that showed how dirty the game really was so the "before" pictures are after I cleaned the playfield with some "Mean Green" cleaner to get the dirt off.  Some of the targets look unbroken since I raised them up to show them, but many had the shaft of the target broken where they connect inside the "cage" housing the drop targets.

This game was advertised as a game that "had recently been played" but given that the targets were broken and even rubbers were broken or missing as well, it's hard to imagine that the game had been played in quite awhile.  Not only that, but the main CPU board didn't work correctly at all.  The owners told me they were told by an "engineer" that the game simply needed to be "reset," whatever that means.

I replaced quite a bit of parts on this game.  I replaced the MPU board with a Ni-wumpf aftermarket board, all the plastics are new, posts, rubbers, all coil tubes, plunger tube, EOS switches, coin door decal plus new coin red plastic inserts, all lane guides, new pop bumper bodies and pop bumper metal, all new light bulbs in the backbox and the playfield, and all new drop targets (the worst part of the whole job).  Probably replaced a few more things that I'm forgetting, but this game has mostly new stuff in it except for the driver board and displays.  I also triple-thicked the backglass to prevent anymore artwork from peeling.  This game has some flaking on the backglass but nowhere near what you find on most Joker Pokers, especially the flesh tones in front of backbox light bulbs.  Did some touchups on the playfield with Testors enamel paint to cover up missing artwork.  The Testors paint wears well and can be easily removed with Naptha if someone wants to do some serious touchups.

I already have a Joker Poker, so I bought this game with the intent of fixing it up and selling it so that someone else could also enjoy this wonderful game.  I think this is one of the best target games you will ever play.  Very fun game to play.  Sure, you might do well on a game or two, but play it some more and it may take you months to even come close to re-setting the high score to date.  This game almost seems to have a personality.  Sometimes it's pretty good to you, other times it's like it's out to get you.

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Dirty upper playfield.


Dirty upper right area.


Dirty mid-playfield.


Dirty right side.


Dirty lower left.
Notice the ball wear marks.


Warped old plastic.


Dirty flipper button.


Cleaned flipper button.


Muddy coin door.


Catch-all cloth for
keeping parts easy to find.


Inside the back
of the game box.


Transformer area.


Under playfield.


Under playfield.


Target banks loosened
for cleaning.


Dirty inserts.


Target banks removed.


Dirty insides of a
target bank.


Removing the shooter rod.


Buffing the playfield.


Cleaned playfield.


Clean playfield with
new posts.


Cleaned playfield lower view.




Cleaned coin door with
new decal. The door
actually looks better than
this picture reveals.




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