Another great two-player game that I picked up from Jim Swenson who had shopped the game before trading it for my Star Trek The Next Generation.  Jim ended up finding another game in California and traded me the one I have and keeping the game from California.  When you play this game you stand across from each other looking down on the game and play it similar to a cocktail table game.  Kind of a simple game but another one that keeps you coming back since there is a strategy to causing your opponent to get less points by your shots.  Unlike other Pinball games, you have some interaction with the other player by how you play on your side of the game rather than just trying to top the other players score where you had no real involvement. 

Williams only made 402 of these games in April of 1983 and it's the first head-to-head Pinball game in a flat table format.  The game is rare to find due to the low number of units made but I know of five of them here in Colorado.  Another truly collectible game. Joust is a System 7 game and features 4 flippers (two on each end of the game), 2 kick-out holes, four 3-bank drop targets (a pair on each end of the game), two 2-in-line drop targets, two rollunder spinners, and after both players have drained all of their balls, the game starts a 30 second of unlimited ball play mode. The game was designed by Barry Oursler with artwork by Constantino Mitchell.

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