Flying kites has to be one of my favorite hobbies.  Now, I know what you're saying, "how many hobbies do you have Steve?"  You're right.   I have a ton of hobbies but none more relaxing to me than flying a kite.  Not just any old kite, but stunt kites.  You know, the kind with two strings attached and flying all over the sky.  I'll add some pictures of me flying some of my kites as I get time.  My favorite kite right now is named "Psycho."  I also have a Reflexx Espresso (nice quiet kite and handles very well), a Griffin (loud, noisy, big kite that can snatch you off of your feet with a gust of wind), a Wizard (kind of noisy, but a radical flyer that is very fast), and a Beetle (this is really for the kids to fly).   I bought a Prism and ended up giving it to my friend Tombo so I can get him hooked on flying kites.  I also have a kite called a Flashlight - nice low wind kite that handles very nicely.  My next kite is a Revolution Shockwave.  These kites are definitely the coolest since they do some really special stunts and use four lines instead of just two.

The place I go to buy my kites (some come from the U.K.) is at "In To The Wind" in Boulder, Colorado on the Pearl Street Mall.  While you're at it, you can buy tons of goofy little toys like I use to litter my desk for entertaining Engineers.

Here are some links for kites found on the Internet: - This is a site that explains kites and how they work. Thanks to Caroline that found this valuable information so that other kids can learn more about flying kites. - This is a site that explains the history of kites and how they were used. Thanks to Julie that found this valuable information so that other kids can learn more about not only the history of kite flying, but how to fly them, the origin of kites, what we can learn from kites, the physics of kite flight, and how does a kite fly. - This is a European kite store that includes English menus (just click on the navigation bar and you will see the English listings as well as French).  - You can buy the Kitelife magazine at this site as well as a CD of past issues.  -  Many links to kite flyer sites for kite-flying fools like me.  -  A store to buy kites, windsocks, toys, etc.  -  Where I buy my kites.  -  Lots of kite stuff as well as other gift ideas including boomerangs, and hang gliding stuff. 

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In To The Wind Kite Store

In To The Wind Kite Store
Picture by In To The Wind

Espresso Kite
Espresso Kite Stats

This is an Espresso kite. Very
pretty kite that flies quite fast.
Cost is about 90 bucks plus
string (about 40 bucks).
Picture by In To The Wind.


Here is the catalog entry for
Espresso describing the
wing size and other info.


Griffin Kite
Psycho Kite
Here's an example
of my Griffin.


My favorite kite,
a Psycho. Best kite
I have ever flown.


Prism Kite
Beetle Kitte
Here is a Prism, recently
gave it to Tombo for
his birthday.


Here is the kids' kite,
a Beetle.  One they
can handle just fine.


Shockwave Kite
Can't show a catalog
picture, but if I could,
you would see the Wizard.
Another very fun kite to fly.



Hopefully my next kite.  Haven't
bought it yet, but definitely
my next kite (4 line Shockwave).




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