Mike gets his own pictures on this website since he is very close to all of us.  Other than my immediate kids and Tombo, we see Mikey the most.  Although he is a double first cousin (his Mom and my Mom - sisters, his Dad and my Dad - brothers), he feels more like a brother since I've known him all of my life.  Besides, we have all of the same relatives so he might as well be my brother.

Some pretty funny pictures of  wrestling kinds of stuff with Derek. Derek really loved the wrestling stuff. He was constantly looking for a body slam, DDT, or Suplex. If you know anything about wrestling, well ...... let's just say that we do and leave it at that.   Mikey is like part of the family (actually he is part of the family) and we love to have him around.

You will find below some of the many pictures we have taken of Mikey although some are quite dated to show how crazy Mikey really is.  The kids are much older now and he doesn't get to do the kinds of things he could when they were quite a bit younger.  I'll get some newer pictures of Mike when I can get him up here to Colorado to pose for a few new ones. There are some more other pictures of Mikey and me in late November of 2003 while in England.

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Wrestling 1


Derek getting a good
body slam
from Mike (ouch).


How about this DDT?



Mike & Rick
A good Suplex
where everyone
looks happy.


This is how Mike
usually carries Derek
when we go somewhere.


Mike & Kids Wondervu

Chris & Mike
Peace at last. Mike and
the kids at Wondervu, Colorado
in 1995.


What's he doing
with my wife?


Flower Power
Mike and I love to throw
the football (not catch it).


I turned my back on
the guy and this
is what I get.


Wanted Mike Poster
Mitch & Mike
Mike likes to feel wanted.


Mike and Mitchell singing?


Rocker Mike
Mike & Steve
Rocker Mike


Mike & Steve
Mike & Pool "Stick" Mikey
Mike enjoying one of
our favorite hobbies - 8 Ball


He looks happy now,
but wait till I beat him.
Mike & Family
Mikey Ben & Jerrys Pier 39
Mikey and our gang
in 1996.


Every time I see this picture
it makes me laugh.


Carmel Beach
Pacific Ocean
Mike at Carmel Beach.


Just had to touch the
Pacific Ocean for the
first time.


Golden Gate Bridge
Stinson Beach Mike
Holding down the
Golden Gate Bridge
with his forearm.


Stinson Beach, California.
Pillbox Mikey
Rick with a body slam
Yes, that is a pillbox
he's hiding in.


The normal body slam
for Derek in Salt Lake City.
Bay Boy
Hard Rock Cafe
Bay Boy


San Francisco Hard Rock Cafe


Deck Boy

Mikey & Steve

Taking it easy.


Even easier with Steve.




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