Paris & Normandy Pictures - 2004

In June of 2004, we decided to go to France to visit a few places we had not seen before.  We took the Chunnel from London to Paris where we spent a couple of days, followed by driving to the Loire Valley, and then on to the area around Normandy.  Our home base was Villers Beaucage where we could drive less than an hour to see many interesting sights which are shown below. 

I've also thrown in a few pictures of Paris since we spent a few days there as well. If you haven't read the story of our trip to France this year you can read it here.

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Derek and Chris in Paris in
Bersoly's Hotel bedroom.


People watching people at
Les Deux Magots in Paris.


Outside the Louvre.


Chris and Steff in Paris.


People waiting in line to
enter Musee D'Orsay in Paris.


Musee D'Orsay salon.


Artist in Musee D'Orsay.


Street musician outside
Musee D'Orsay.


Multi-talented Parisian musician.


Musee D'Orsay view from
foot bridge over the Seine.






La Ferme du Pressoir
B&B entrance.


La Ferme du Pressoir
breakfast table and eating area.


Outside view of the
Bayeux Cathedral.


Inside view of the
Bayeux Cathedral.


Bayeux Cathedral stained glass.


More stained glass in the
Bayeux Cathedral.


Viewing the Bayeux Tapestry.


Bayeux Tapestry description tour.


Foot bridge near the
Bayeux Tapestry.


Bell factory tour.


Bell factory samples.




Mont St. Michel


Another view of
Mont St. Michel.


Derek and Steffanie enjoying
the view from Mont St. Michel.


Mont St. Michel view of ocean.


The very top of Mont St. Michel.


Mont St. Michel parking area.


People walking on the sand flats
near Mont St. Michel.


French people and their
dogs at Mont St. Michel.


Overlooking Omaha Beach at
the Normandy D-Day landing area.


Normandy American Cemetery
reflection pond.


Normandy D-Day invasion maps.


Some of the many Normandy
American Cemetery markers.



You will also find some of the many pictures we took while in the Loire Valley area here



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