These are just some of the many pictures we took while in Paris.  Unfortunately the pictures were scanned from photos since we didn't have a digital camera when these photos were taken. Be sure to visit a description of our trip here.

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Eiffel Tower
Chris & Kids Eiffel Tower
First there's this monster -
the Eiffel Tower.


Chris and the kids
under the tower.


Love Birds Eiffel Tower
Koko & Ricky Up Top
Steve and the Mrs.


Kids on top of
the Eiffel Tower.


Koky & Dad Eiffel Tower
Rick & Dad Eiffel Tower
Koky and Dad.


Rick and Dad
with something observing us.


Eiffel View
Eiffel View 2
Pic #1 from the Eiffel Tower


Pic #2 from the Eiffel Tower.


Seine View
Seine View 2
Seine view.


Long shot of the Seine.


Kids & Street Man
Kids Louvre Salon
You find these guys
everywhere - even at the Louvre.


Steff and Derek taking
it easy in a Salon at the Louvre.


Chris & Kids Shiny Spot
Rick & Koky Glass Pyramid
Wondering how they
painted that big shiny spot.


Outside the glass pyramid
at the Louvre.


Koky & Statue
Koky with a statue -
not sure which one
since the flash
washed it out.


Steve & Kids Louvre
Chris & Kids Cooling Feet
Dad and kids cooling
off the feet.


Kids and Mom resting too.


Rick & Dorsay Clock
Dorsay Salon
Rick looking outside
from behind the
D'Orsay clock.


D'Orsay salon.


Fontainbleau Salon


Fontainbleau salon.


Chris & Kids Fontainbleau
Steve & Kids Fontainbleau
Chris and kids at 


Steve and kids at


Citadine Flyer
Info for apartment stay
at Citadines.





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