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I don't have tons of friends although I know lots of people. The ones that are the closest will let me take their pictures (although some that are close to me absolutely refuse), so go to this page to see these folks.

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Cousin Mikey is especially close to us as a family member.  We see Mike more than any other member of our Florida family.  It helps that he works for Delta Air Lines as a jet mechanic so he can get those nearly free tickets and all.  Mikey is also my double first cousin.  For those of you that don't know what that means, it means that his Mom and my Mom are sisters, and his Dad and my Dad were brothers (my Dad has passed on.)  This means everyone related to him is also related to me - exactly the same.  Kind of neat, huh?  You may also want to check out the trip pictures we have since some of them include Mikey as well (mostly the San Francisco pictures).

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These pages will provide you with links to my various trip pictures.  I may try to add some older trip pictures just so folks can see the natural aging process and how things change over time.  In any case, try this area of my web site to get an idea of what we've been up to lately.  I also include links to pictures we have taken while on the various trips.  You should check out my travel tips page too (shameless plug) for those of you that want to travel to Europe.  I list lots of things to do and things to avoid when traveling overseas.





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