This page includes info regarding my 1962 Gottlieb Rack-A-Ball game that I got from Kim Mitchell (Mr.68). The game is in pretty good condition considering it's 50 years old. The balls in the backbox were pretty dirty, rings were shot of course since it had been stored for quite a while, and the playfield has ball swirls. I first started the restoration in March of 2012 but didn't get the game finished until mid-December of 2013.  I spent a lot of time straightening bent switches and replacing some coils along with lots of scorewheel problems that I fixed, but in the end, I just couldn't quite get it to work correctly. That's where fellow pinhead Tim Riehl came in to help. Tim is probably the premier guy to repair EMs in the Denver area and after about 4 hours of his expert work, finally got the game to work as designed.  We would've loved to play the game but there was one thing I forgot - the right flipper screw had sheared off in the flipper base/shaft back in 2012 when I was tearing the playfield down for restoration and I couldn't put the bat on without getting a new flipper base/shaft.

There were 2,700 games made in December of 1962. It has 2 flippers, 4 pop bumpers, 2 slingshots, 3 standup targets, a stationary post below the flippers, plenty of lanes, and features backbox animation showing "billiard balls" being added. The game was designed by Wayne Neyens with beautiful artwork by Roy Parker.

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Rack-A-Ball Flyer

Upper Playfield

Long Shot of Playfield

Lower Playfield

Upper Playfield

Lower Left Playfield

Lower Right Playfield

Flipper Area

Ball Eject Mechanism

Reset Bank With Burned Area

Upper Playfield Stripped

Mid-playfield Stripped

Playfield After Magic Eraser

Upper Finished Playfield  



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