I provide a set of Quick Links below to take you to a topic of interest.  The links can be used by folks that are new to Pinball and are interested in a variety of topics often discussed, but I include the pictures. 

For example, if you've played an old EM game and you heard a knocking sound when you got an extra ball you could check out the "Knocker" link to see what is causing that sound.  Folks often hear about the release lever that is used to raise the playfield but maybe you don't know where it's located - see the picture.  I also show some tilt mechanisms so you will get an idea of how the tilt mechanism detects you banging on the game.  Or how about the "prop rod" and where it is located?  A variety of topics are listed below as well as my own extensive EM Cleaning page that describes the process I go through to clean my EM games. 

Be sure to use the navigation bar at the top of each page to view other topics under "Odds & Ends" in the Pinball navigation link which reveals even more stuff. Hope you enjoy the info!


Quick Links

Adjusting Tool - I show a contact adjusting tool and some burnishing files.
Back Box Key - A picture showing you the location of the Back Box key.
Bumper Repair - I discuss how to repair a "pop bumper."
Circuit Board - pictures that show an EM "circuit board."
Coil Stop - picture of a coil stop.
EM Cleaning Tips - this is an extensive page covering my EM cleaning process.
Incline Adjustment
- simple advice on adjusting the incline of your Pinball game.
Knocker - shows you where the knocking sound originates on an EM game.
Metal Prop Rod - for those that wonder how you prop up a playfield.
Novus Cleaners - picture of the Novus suite of cleaners (also Mill Wax).
Release Lever - shows where the release lever is for raising the playfield.
Tilt Mechanism - pictures that show tilt mechanisms for EM and Electronic Pinball games.


Do you have any suggestions for other topics you would like to read about that I haven't included?  If so, just email me with your suggestion and I'll see what I can do about it.


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