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This page includes info regarding my 1974 Gottlieb Top Card single Player EM Wedgehead Pinball game. I got this game as part of a trade with my buddy Abrie for an Eight Ball Pinball game. Actually, I got two games for the Eight Ball - Sure Shot and Top Card. The Top Card works and has a nice playfield and a good backglass, but it too had a problem.

Turns out the nut that painted the Sure Shot game solid black also got out his paintbrush to paint this one black as well. He painted the front of the game and one side of the cabinet and the backbox (the surfaces that were visible to onlookers). I'll have to make a stencil to repaint the one side and the front of it along with the backbox, and I still need to strip the paint, but it'll happen when I get to it. Other than the painting hassle (jeez I hate that), the game works fine and looks nice.

Update - I traded this Top Card and the Sure Shot to pinhead buddy Ryan in October of 2011 for my Spirit of 76 that I had traded with him earlier in 2011.

There were 3,100 of these games made and it was released in August of 1974. The game features 3 chimes, 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 4 slingshots, and 13 standup targets. Jeff Brenner was the designer and the artwork was designed by Gordon Morison. Gottlieb made an add-a-ball version of the game named Royal Pair. The maximum displayed score for a player is 99,990 points.

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Top Card Flyer

Top Card Flyer

Cabinet side showing
Bleche White bottle.

Cabinet side after cleaning.

Base of cabinet shot
with Bleche White.

Base of cabinet showing
Bleche White doing its job
after simple scrubbing.

Backbox with Bleche White applied.

Top of backbox showing results
of using Bleche White.

Backglass front side.

Backglass back side
(note factory touchup)




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