I got my Viking as part of a trade with my buddy Bally Tim in March of 2006. I gave him Guns 'n Roses and he gave me Viking and Barracorra plus some spare parts for Barracorra. I really like Viking since it's not as easy as it may first appear. Another thing about the game is that you don't often see one. In fact I've only seen one other Viking and I don't know anyone else locally that has one.

Bally sold 2,600 Viking games in July of 1980. It's a 4-player solid state game that features 2 slingshots, 2 flippers, 4 pop bumpers with two of the pop bumpers low on the playfield near each side of the game, one 3-bank of drop targets, 4 in-line drop targets, 2 standup targets, 2 kick-out holes, 1 star rollover, 1 spinning target, and an outlane save feature on each lower side of the game. The game was designed by Jim Patla with artwork by Kevin O'Connor. When viewing the backglass you will see a character in green with a beard which is a self-portrait of Kevin O'Connor, and a background character on the right is Brooke Shields.

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Flyer 1


Flyer 2


Flyer 3


Flyer 4


Viking Ring Layout
Top of Game.
Viking Ring Layout
Bottom of Game.



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