Wales Pix 2001

These are some of the many pictures we took while touring northern Wales in June of 2001.  The castles of Wales are especially nice to visit.  Wales is a place we will want to see again due to its beauty, friendly people, and historical presence.  Ironically I was unable to get many pictures of Carnarfon.  That's because it was raining the day we were there.  I was able to get some video pictures, but only a few digital pictures of which only one came out OK.  I have quite a few pictures of Chester, so let me know if you'd like to see more of Chester.

If you haven't read the story of our trip to Wales this year you can read it here.

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Betws-y-Coed Castle Betws-y-Coed Castle Outside
This is outside a beautiful
castle in Betws-y-Coed (Gwydir).


Here's the castle as
you approach it.


Betws-y-Coed Castle Courtyard Castle Step-Through
Another view from
the courtyard.


Notice how you step
through the wall -
this would make it hard
for horses to come through
during an attack.


Betws-y-Coed Ring Of Rocks King Of The Rock
Ancient ring of stones
in Betws-y-Coed.


Playing king of
the rock.


Caernarfon Disc Castle Stairs
The center of
Caernarfon Castle.


Looking down the
steep stairwell.


Chester Bard Chester Waterline
Town Cryer tournament
in Chester, England.


Note the waterline
on these Roman walls
in Chester, England.  The water
used to be much higher.


Chester Church Chester Roman Show
Church in Chester.


Roman history lesson
for kids in Chester.


Low Tide Conwy Castle
Low tide in
Conwy, Wales.


Scenic view of the
Conwy Castle.


Conwy Castle Chris Conwy Castle Bridge
Chris in a Conwy Castle


View of bridge from
Conwy Castle tower.


Conwy Castle Courtyard Conwy Castle
Conwy Castle tower view.


Conwy Castle courtyard view.


Conwy Castle Tower Castle Ruins
Notice where the old
fireplace existed. You can
see the ring in the stone
where the floor once existed.


Dolbadarn Castle ruins
near Llanberis.


Castle Tower Steam Train
Dolbadarn Castle.


Steam train to 
Blaenau Festiniog.


Derek Peace Steve On Train
Uhhmm, he's not supposed
to be leaning out the window.


Steve admiring the beauty.


Train Station snowdon.jpg (40179 bytes)
Nearing the railroad station.


Beautiful mountain scenery
near Snowdon.


Slate Mine Wall Slate Cutter
Family on wall outside
Llanberis slate mine.


Man cutting slate in
Llanberis slate mine.





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