These are some of the many pictures we took while touring South Wales in 2005.  This group of pictures shows some of the nicer castle ruins in the South as well as the Tintern Abbey.  We ran in to some rain here and there so some of the pictures look hazy due to the rain in the air.  Even still, these castle ruins are absolutely beautiful.  I can send you the larger pictures if you are interested in framing some for home (I have and get lots of compliments on the beautiful ruins).  I also included a couple of photos of the Wye Valley Hotel where we had a wonderful stay (highly recommended).

If you haven't read the story of our trip to Wales this year you can read it here.


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Entrance to the
Wye Valley Hotel.


Chris resting in the room
at the hotel.


Barry is one of the owners
of Wye Valley Hotel along
with his wife Sue.


Entrance to Raglan Castle.


Raglan Castle moat.


Another view of the
Raglan Castle moat.


Interior floors of Raglan.


White Castle entrance.


White Castle moat view
(is this steep or what?)


Entrance to Skenfrith Castle.


Round keep of Skenfrith.


Another view of the
Skenfrith keep.


Grosmont Castle


View through a doorway
at Grosmont Castle.


Steffanie and Derek playing
with a ball at Grosmont.


Grosmont town church
built in the 12th century.


Chepstow Castle along the
Wye River.


Another view of Chepstow
walls and the Wye River.


Chepstow Castle entrance.


A student tour of Chepstow.


Steffanie and Derek ready
for a Cream Tea in Chepstow.


East gatehouse entrance to
Caerphilly Castle
on a rainy day.


View of double moat system
at Caerphilly Castle.


Another view of the two
moats surrounding Caerphilly.


One of the supported
Caerphilly towers.


Restored parapet on the
North side of the inner wall
of Caerphilly.


Steff, Chris, and Steve
outside Caerphilly Castle.


Derek, Chris, and Steff
at Caerphilly Castle.


Steffanie and Derek having
fun at Caerphilly Castle.


Entrance to Castle Coch.


Castle Coch luxurious bedroom.


Castle Coch ornate artwork.


Derek, Steve, and Steffanie
at Castle Coch.


Outside Tintern Abbey.


Tintern Abbey


Tintern Abbey outer wall.


Inside Tintern Abbey.


Tintern Abbey wall showing
large stained glass window area.





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