I bought my Banzai Run from John Graves in August of 2004 when John decided to leave Colorado and was unloading some of his games. In addition to the Banzai Run, I also bought his Black Knight and Doctor Who.

Banzai Run was made in May of 1988 by Williams producing 1,750 games. This is an unusual game in the sense that it has a horizontal and vertical playfield. It features 3 horizontal flippers and 3 vertical flippers, 3 pop bumpers, one ramp, one kick-out hole, 2 spinning targets, a left outlane kickback, one horizontal captive ball, 2 vertical captive balls, an up-post between bottom flippers on the vertical playfield in the backbox, and when the ball drains in the vertical playfield it returns to play in the lower horizontal playfield. The game was designed by Pat Lawlor and Larry DeMar with artwork by Mark Springer and music by Brian Schmidt with software by Larry DeMar and Ed Boon. Another game that featured a vertical playfield is the Genco 1951 Double Action game. I'm not sure of the weight of the game, but I think it weighs at least 420 pounds.

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