Odds & Ends Introduction



This page was created as a launching point for viewing some Pinball-related odds and ends I've created. I spent time over the years creating information that was not necessarily game specific and I needed a place to capture the information, so you've arrived and hopefully you will find the odds and ends section of interest.

Backglass repair - this is a high level page of info regarding the repair of artwork on a game's backglass.

How to clean a scorewheel - this page includes information for how to clean an EM game's scorewheel.

Creating a game card - shows info for creating a game card for your apron.

Creating a cabinet stencil - shows what I did to create a stencil for a Close Encounters that had cabinet problems that needed to be repaired and then repainted.

Creating decals - shows what I do when I create decals for drop targets or spinners.

Cleaning an EM - my step-by-step process for cleaning an EM.

Fuse Breaker - see how to make a fuse "breaker" instead of continually blowing fuses when troubleshooting a game.

Gottlieb flipper rebuild - shows the info for rebuilding a Gottlieb System 1 flipper assembly.

Gottlieb System 1 Power Supply - shows info related to a Gottlieb System 1 power supply with voltage readings and a redrawn schematic of the high voltage section.

Incline adjustment - shows tools and info related to setting the incline of a Pinball game.

Inside a Pinball game - this is an old page from the mid-90s that I created to explain the various stuff you will find inside a Pinball game (mostly an EM game).

Joker Poker shop job - shows the effort that went in to shopping a Gottlieb System 1 Joker Poker.

Pop bumper repair - shows info related to repairing a pop bumper.

Pinball dolly - shows info for building your own Pinball dolly based on a motorcycle jack.

System 1 ROM replacement - shows the info you need to know to create your own EPROM for a Gottlieb System 1 ROM replacement effort.

Tech tips - this an old page of information I created in the mid-90s with links to different "stuff." I need to update this page some day, but thought I would throw it in the list anyway.



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