I loaned this game to Jim Swenson in November of 2002 (and got the restored game back in October of 2009) so he could do one of his excellent shop jobs similar to what he did on my Joker Poker.  I too shop games, but when Jim would like to do some restoration work on an old game, he knows who to call - me!  Per usual, Jim did an excellent job restoring the game to where it could be played and looked as nice as was possible to accomplish.

The game was made in 1966 and when I got it, it was in pretty bad shape.  The game had set in an outside shed (people, please don't do this to Pinball games) exposed to the weather and the cabinet had lots of flaking paint.  The backglass wasn't great either, but wasn't beyond usability.  The game is somewhat odd in the sense that the game box has a "jog" at the bottom.  Not sure why they did this, but it makes the game somewhat unwieldy when moving it.

Jim did a great job and I've played probably 100 games on it so far with no problems.  Unfortunately, due to space reasons I had to stand the game on end in my basement along with other games that may find themselves in this position until space opens up to set them up again.  Once I set it up again I'll take some pictures of Jim's fine work.

If owning one of these games wasn't enough, I ended up buying another one (that's right, now I have two of them) in early 2011 from Kevin Carroll for 400 bucks. I haven't done anything with this second game, but I'll get around to it sooner or later.

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Download the schematic for Full House by right-clicking HERE and choose Save-As to save it to your computer. The file is around 1.8 meg since it was scanned from an old schematic in color that was previously held together by tape that has long since separated.  You can also just click the link and if you have a decent enough connection speed you can view the schematic in your browser.

Feel free to convert it to a black and white drawing and reduce the file size.  All I ask is that you send me the reduced file so I can have something smaller.

Click HERE to download the coil and relay information as well as some set-up and coin door details.









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