I bought my Central Park from John Detweiler (Sir Tiltsalot on RGP) back in March of 2004 along with an Eight Ball.  I only intended to buy the Eight Ball, but after seeing the beautiful playfield on the game, decided that I needed to get it as well.  Poor John, after selling the game and some time going by he was interested in buying it back due to missing the game's fun factor.  Central Park is an old game (made in 1966) and a similar add-a-ball version known as Hurdy Gurdy was produced that looks identical except for the name and artwork.

I love this old game and plan to keep it for a long time.  I don't know why, but for some reason the playfield on a Central Park often looks like brand new when you find one.  My playfield also looks like new with rich colors, although the game box is pretty ratty (like most old Gottliebs).  This game adds to my other wedge head Gottlieb games in my collection.

Currently this game is standing on end in my basement due to space shortage for setting it up, but I did have the game up and playable for about two years before deciding I needed the space.  Currently I can only set up 19 games for play so something has to go when new games come in.  I expect to get it back up one of these days.  Once I do, I'll add pictures of the game so you can see the many targets and the monkey in the backglass.

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Central Park Flyer  



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