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This page includes info regarding my 1961 Williams Kismet 4 Player EM Pinball game.  I bought this game for $150 from my buddy Kevin Carroll in November of 2007 as a non-working game with a decent backglass and some playfield wear (hey, 1961 is pretty darn old), but with the plastics intact. Kevin knew I liked this game because I frequently played his game at his arcade and held the highest score to date for quite awhile. Very fun game and I can't wait to get to it for restoration. I've "owned" the high score to date on Kevin's Kismet game that is in his arcade since August of 2006.

There were 700 of these games made and it was released in November of 1961. Steve Kordek was the designer and it has beautiful artwork designed by Gordon Molentin. The backbox in this game is quite heavy due to it being a 4 player game. The maximum score displayed is 1,999 and it can be hard to get very many points on the game since it's quite tough. It has a moving target that can be tough to hit although it's right in the middle of the playfield. Seems like the flippers are a mile apart. Kismet was a 1953 Broadway musical and a 1955 movie based on Baghdad, Iraq in the times of the Arabian Nights.

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Kismet Flyer





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