TZ GameTwilight Zone is a classic Pinball Game.  It is probably one of the more popular games a Pinball collector will own.  It is known for employing every option a game could use and uses many of the same voices as The Addams Family.

I got my game as part of a two-game sight unseen purchase from fellow pinhead Mike in 1997. I paid $2100 for both Twilight Zone and Indiana Jones. When I was finally able to see the games I felt crushed. Mike had bought a tractor trailer load of games from First Choice Coin in Denver as a result of a route owner not paying his bills and the shape of the games indicated the type of route owner involved. They were absolutely filthy. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I simply could not see the playfield on either game. Why a route owner would let their games get like this is beyond me.

I started cleaning Indiana Jones first since it looked to be the easiest of the two games, and it took me over 40 hours just to clean the playfield. There were tons of broken parts, missing parts, etc., but underneath all of that dirt was a playfield that looked brand new! Turns out the dirt had protected the playfield from any wear.

The same thing happened on the Twilight Zone, however, I was so bummed by the amount of work it took to restore the Indiana Jones that I put off working on the Twilight Zone and didn't even touch it for over 2 years, despite the game being set up. One thing I regret is that I didn't take pictures of the games so that I could show just how bad they were. I probably didn't do it because at the time I thought I was going to try and flip the games and get my money out back. Little did I know that the Indiana Jones would sell for $3,000 ten years later, so basically I got the Twilight Zone for free. My game has a beautiful playfield but the cabinet is just OK, nothing to rave about. It too had tons of stuff wrong with it which took a long time to repair, but when I consider that it's basically a free game, I doubt I will ever sell it.

The rule sheet for Twilight Zone can be found at:

Interested in creating your own whiteface clock? You will need a scan of the whiteface clock or you can click on the picture below and once you see the full size picture just right click on the image and do a "save picture as" to a filename of your choice. Thanks to Tony D'Aprile for supplying this image.

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