I got this game as part of a trade with Bally Tim for my Fish Tales and his Mata Hari plus two extra playfields (one still in its original shipping box) in August of 2006.  Tim thinks the game worked at one time but was disappointed in the playfield touchup that was done before he bought the game on eBay.  He was pretty disgusted when he saw the level of work that was done to hide playfield wear and cabinet "touchups" and bought a couple extra playfields including a new one that has never been on a game.

Mata Hari was made by Bally and there were 16,200 units produced in September of 1977. This is a 4-player solid state game with design by Jim Patla and artwork by Dave Christensen. There is also an EM version of Mata Hari. The game features 2 flippers, 4 pop bumpers, 2 slingshots, two 4-bank drop targets, and one kick-out hole. The backglass shows a dagger with an inscription that reads "Meine Ehre heibt Treue" which translates to "My honor is Loyalty." The inscription was the motto of the Waffen SS troops in WWII and was adapted by a statement made by Hitler in 1931. Mata Hari died in WWI rendering the inscription an anachronism for this game. She was an exotic dancer and was accused of consorting with high ranking German and French officers which led to her execution as a spy.

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