Sure Shot

This page includes info regarding my Gottlieb March 1976 Sure Shot game that I got as part of a trade for an Eight Ball game I had. There were 3,700 games made in March of 1976 and the game has artwork by Gordon Morison (my favorite artist) with the design by Ed Krynski. It features 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 2 slingshots, 3 standup targets, and 2 kick-out holes. The add-a-ball version of this game is named Bank Shot which was exported to Italy as Spot Pool.

I traded my Eight Ball with my fellow pinhead buddy Abrie for his Top Card and Sure Shot games that were picked up from a rather strange "dude." They both worked, but both had their cabinets repainted (why do people do this?) with some crappy black latex color that was painted over a crappy green color (yet another idiot involved). I had to strip the paint off in two layers just so I could get to the bottom layer of original paint. I made stencils for the green and orange colors that appear on the game and when I get around to re-stenciling the game, I can use the stencils to repaint the original artwork. It was also missing a coin door (some yo-yo made a "custom" door using a sheet of plywood) which I was able to replace (the wrong coin door is shown in a picture below but think of it as a placeholder).

The game works, but the custom cabinet "artwork" sucked and the game is temporarily stored on end until I can get around to repainting the cabinet. Beautiful playfield in the game (once cleaned up) and the backglass is pretty good as well with just a few issues. The game has been primed so it's just a matter of getting around to stenciling the cabinet and backbox. I'm hoping to do this in 2011. We'll see how my hoping pans out.

Well, looks like my plans to repaint the cabinet in 2011 ended just fine. I was able to avoid doing the work in October of 2011 by trading the Sure Shot and Top Card for my Spirit of 76 that I had traded to pinhead buddy Ryan. He gave me my Spirit of 76 back and he got two marvelous games to paint. Whew! That was close. I'm leaving this page up even though I traded the two games just in case I get them back. It seems like more often than not I get games back in future trades. Hopefully this game will have been repainted when I get it back.

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Sure Shot flyer

Sure Shot Flyer

Here's the game with a
"custom" paint job. Jeez!

Here is the other side
of the game where some
clown painted it black.

More of the dark side.

Black coin door area.

Another coin door view.

Side of cabinet after stripping.

Another view of stripped cabinet.

Coin door area after stripping.

Relay board inside cabinet.




Stencils and stuff stored
in game waiting for re-stenciling.

Primed and ready backbox.




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