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This page includes info regarding my 1973 Gottlieb Pro Football game that I got as a result of a trade with my pinhead buddy Ryan. I traded him my Cleopatra with a spare used Cleo playfield for his Stern Stingray and the Pro Football game. Both games worked just fine and were nice games with good backglasses.

The Gottlieb Pro Football game was made in February of 1973 with 4,500 units produced. The game was designed by Ed Krynski and John Osborne with artwork by my favorite artist - Gordon Morison. It features four flippers, two pop bumpers, two vari-targets, one rollunder spinner and two score reels in the backglass for the high score and point score for scoring touchdowns and extra points. The slingshots are not lower on the playfield, but towards the upper part of the playfield where it's needed in order to go through upper lanes at the top of the playfield. The game also doesn't use the standard ball shooter, but instead, the ball is ejected from the outhole onto the playfield by holding in the right flipper. Interesting game with lots of play options.

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Pro Football Flyer

Pro Football Flyer





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