Bally released Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition in December of 1982, producing 2,388 games. It's a 4-player game that features 3 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 1 kick-out hole, one 7-bank drop targets, a 4-in-line drop targets and one stand-alone drop target. The game was designed by George Christian with artwork by Margaret Hudson. The Limited Edition features a short backbox similar to Bally's 1982 Rapid Fire game which is unlike its predecessor Eight Ball Deluxe, but it has the same playfield.

The rule sheet for the 1982 Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition (same as the non-Limited Edition) can be found at: .

I've added a few pictures below that illustrate the original condition of my Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition that cost me around $1,000.  These games go for a bit more than a grand when they are in good condition.  I bought this as a project game and was pleased to find out that the game did work.  The game was dirty, had an opaque playfield mylar that needed to be brightened up, new targets were needed (had some wrong targets as well), the bumper caps and rings were wrong, and just needed to be cleaned up overall with lots of new parts to bring it back to life.  This game was played a lot in its lifetime (meaning it was shot) and many things such as coils, every coil tube, targets, bumper skirts, bumper bodies, posts, and plastics that were scratched needed to be replaced.

I ended up buying a new set of plastics from Classic Arcades for my game but I have some on the game that aren't too bad, so I haven't gotten around to replacing them.  This game will probably be a "stepchild" in my collection since my other games are in much better condition than this one, but it's a great game to own and with all the work I put in to it, I can't see selling it to someone else just because it's a little rough around the edges.  The blue posts I replaced are not the same as the originals since they seem to be hard to find, but they are still quite bright.  I also plan to repaint the gold color on the box when I can get around to it.

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Flyer 1
Note that this is not a poster
for the "Limited Edition" which
has a stubby backbox.


Flyer 2


Flyer 3
This is for the "Limited Edition"
which is the game I have.


View of game plus backbox.


Lower playfield.


Center shot of mylared playfield.


Another view of the center artwork.


Upper left playfield.


Another upper left side view.


Pop bumpers and center of game.
Note the wrong bumper caps.


Lower playfield.


Stripped playfield.


Completely stripped and
ready for playfield buffing.


Long view of dirty playfield.


All contacts looked like these.


Dirty power supply area.


Long view of the playfield
after cleaning, new targets,
new pop bumper bodies
and skirts, new bumper rings,
and new flippers.


Another view of the
upper playfield.



The lower playfield area after
cleaning. This will never be perfect,
but it will be OK.





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