Charlie's Angels


This page includes info regarding my 1978 Gottlieb System 1 Charlie's Angels game that I bought from Kim Mitchell.  Kim knows that I love System 1 games and when he came across this game decided to give me a call to see if I wanted it. Of course I did, and I was more than happy to take it off his hands. The game has a so-so backglass but the playfield will definitely need to be restored. It also had an original CPU board that I was able to get working, and the power supply required rebuilding since it was working rather intermittently.

There were 7,950 of the solid state version of the game made in November of 1978 and the game was designed by Allen Edwall with artwork by Gordon Morison (my favorite artist). It's a themed game of course and features artwork showing Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson, and Cheryl Ladd from the 1970s TV show named Charlie's Angels. It features the usual two flippers, two pop bumpers, 5-bank drop targets, and a 3-bank set of drop targets. Per usual, it's yet another fun version of a System 1 game.

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Charlie's Angels Flyers Charlie's Angels Flyers
Flyer 1

Flyer 2

Lower Playfield

Upper Playfield

Coin Door Original

Inside Cabinet Original

Upper Playfield Original

Mid-playfield Original

Mid-playfield Original

Left Playfield Original

Lower Playfield Original

Upper Playfield Stripped

Mid-playfield Stripped

Lower Playfield Stripped


Upper Playfield Cleaned

Mid-playfield Cleaned

Mid-playfield Reassembled

Coin Door Cleaned

Cabinet Area Cleaned



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