This page shows pictures of my Flash games as well as a Flash restoration effort.  I bought two games with one going to my friend Jeff.  The game had some missing parts and didn't work when I got it.  Ended up spending a fair amount of time troubleshooting and repairing the main CPU board, sound card, power supply, lamp display board, and the 6 digit displays.  If you know anything about Flash, you realize that's every board found in the game.

Williams produced the 4-player Flash game in January of 1979 releasing 19,505 units (that's a lot). It's a System 4 solid state game and features 3 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 2 slinshots, one 5-bank of drop targets, one 3-bank of drop targets, 2 standup targets, a spinning target, 1 kick-out hole, and 5 star rollovers. The game was designed by Steve Ritchie with artwork by Constantino Mitchell and sound by Randy Pfeiffer and Steve Ritchie. Flash had some industry firsts such as a dynamic background sound during gameplay, flash lamps, and a much larger production run than any previous games Williams had produced.

You will find pictures below starting with some flipper voltage readings, game flyers, score card sheets for both 3 ball and 5 ball games plus instruction cards you can download, an original target scan, another version created by Cody Chunn, my modified version of the original target decal, an 8.5 inch wide version of 300dpi targets plus spinner decals, and then I follow up with some of the restoration work on Jeff's game starting with the initial condition of the game and moving towards the end of the restoration effort.

Note that I have added an example of Cody Chunn's excellent Flash Decals that you can buy at a very reasonable price.  You get a complete set of target decals that are laminated that will last you longer than you will probably own the game.  Send Cody email for details!

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Flash Flipper Voltage Pictures

Left Flipper Voltages Lower Right Flipper Voltages Upper Right Flipper Voltages


Flyer, Instruction Cards, Target Decals, and Restoration Pictures

Flyer 1


Flyer 2


Flyer 3



Score Card 1



Score Card 2
Instruction Card


Score Card 3


Score Card 4
Instruction Card


Score Card 5


Cody Chunn's Excellent
Target Decal (for sale). Note
that Cody's decal looks better
than this enlarged image.


My Original Flash Target Scan.




My modified version
of the original Flash target decal.



Target and Spinner decal sheet
at 300 dpi, 8.5 inches wide.
Cody's decal (shown a few pics up)
is actually much brighter and
colorful than mine due to spending
lots of time and adding
more colors.


Backbox - Note the display
hanging down and connectors.


Flash Playfield


Upper left side of playfield.


Closer view of upper left area.


Upper right area of playfield.


Me removing parts.


Upper metal parts removed.


Lower metal removed.


Missing blue insert.


Somewhat stripped playfield.


Underside of the playfield.


Dirty coil area.


Note the missing flipper
contacts and clipped wires.


Lower dirty playfield view.


Removing pop bumper
components from below.


Removing pop bumper
body from top.


Removing mylar ring
using freeze-spray method.


Cutting out holes for
new pop bumper mylar ring.


Plastics uneven and bent.


Heating plastics on cookie sheet.


Another view of heating plastics
on a cookie sheet.



Letting hot plastic cool on glass
stove top. Note the heavy book
to keep the plastic flat as it cools.


5 Bank target "horseshoe" contact.
The one on the far left is missing
the horseshoe contact.




Upper left playfield after
reinstalling metal.


New flipper shaft bushing.


New home-made spinner decal.



Note the "hidden" location of
a dull blue post. Hide the dull ones
where no one will see them.


Playfield with metal reinstalled.

Upper left plastic.

Center left plastic.

Lower left slingshot plastic.

Lower right slingshot plastic.

Center right plastic.

Upper right plastic.

Center plastic.






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