I won my Gottlieb Black Hole on ebay in an auction for $247.  It was listed as having wires cut, some cabinet scrapes, boards present in the backbox, some playfield wear, missing ramps from mini-playfield to upper playfield, and it didn't work.  Turned out not to have a lockbar either. 

For that price I didn't think I could go wrong and perhaps either part the game out (I really, really don't like doing that) or restore it.  Due to the classic status of a Black Hole, this game doesn't look bad enough to part out. The pictures below show the game's original appearance. Note that I sold this game to fellow pinhead Steve Dankanich so I never got to restore the game. I sold it to Steve plus the missing corkscrew, lockbar, and a wireform that I made for it.

There is an interesting "back story" to this game though.  The seller said they got it from a guy that was in a divorce.  The wife got kind of ugly about the whole divorce thing and took some diagonal cutters to the wires in the game while reaching through the coin door to snip whatever she could.  Then the guy tried to repair the cut wires by twisting wires together and wrapping electricians tape around the splice.  He must have run out of tape because he resorted to using silicone to protect the wire splices when he got to the coin door.  The absolutely ridiculous part though is how he handled the cut wires on the power switch.  I won't spoil that view you probably have in your mind, so scroll down and check out the picture.  Ridiculous I tell you, absolutely ridiculous.

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Original backbox

Original backbox (filthy)

Backbox spinning hole

Backside of backglass

Backbox door boards

Backbox door boards

Coin door

How about that silicone hack
someone did. I think the guy got
tired of using electrician's tape.

Coin door backside

Topside upper area

Topside lower apron

Topside pop bumper area

Topside flippers and center area

Topside flipper area

Transformer area

Underside drop targets

Underside center

Underside center

Underside lower right

Underside center

Underside from left side.
Check out the splicing job the
guy did and all that electrician's tape.

Underside flipper area


Power switch area
Is this ridiculous or what?



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