I bought my Theatre of Magic from fellow pinhead Mike in August of 1997. The game has been owned by several people, but it appears to be a HUO game rather than a routed game. I love this game and especially the purple colors in the artwork and the various multi-balls that can be played. I doubt I will ever sell the game due to its fun-factor.

Williams made 6,600 Theatre of Magic games in March of 1995. The game features 2 flippers, a rotating trunk with a magnet, a 2 and 3 ball multi-ball, a 4 ball multi-ball, 2 magna saves, and a levitating ball effect. The game was designed by John Popadiuk with artwork by Linda Deal, sound by Dave Zabriskie, and software by Jeff Johnson.

The rule sheet for TOM can be found at:

Here are a few TOM pictures I have gathered and a couple I made. This is a fun game to play and I seriously doubt I will get rid of this game for a long time.  Most all of my games are at the top of the collectable list, but this one is really fun.  This is my buddy Bob's favorite game too.

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Chris Playing TOM

Chris playing TOM


George trying his hand at TOM.


TOM Upright

TOM  Playfield

TOM (full view)




TOM Backglass  


Flyer 1


Flyer 2





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